Keeping you & your business running smoothly 24 hours a day.

We aim to keep your business law abiding and safe 24/7 with our inspection programme. We Assess to protect.

Covering businesses accross the south east of England to keep your business 100% statutory compliant. Using the very latest in planning technology, we schedule our work around you. If you’d prefer a long-range plan of examinations, we can do that. If your plant moves from location to location, we can work around that too. Our main focus is efficiency and the safety of your lifting equipment. We can carry out your inspection within 72 hours of initial instruction too, so there are no long delays to get your equipment tested and checked.

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What is involved with a regulatory Inspection?

The testing and safe up-keeping of your lifting equipment including Fall arrest/fall restraint systems, platform lifts, passenger lifts, motor vehicle lifting tables, fixed access ladders, dead weight anchors, mansafe systems, vehicle lifts, goods lifts and many more. We can attend a lift inspection within 72 hours of engagement, and the testing will be carried out by our trained professionals to highlight any safety defects and make sure that your equipment is safe and accessible for use.

Does the inspection disrupt my business working day?

No, absolutely not. Our engineers will inspect and test your equipment with little to no disruption to your normal working day, carrying out work efficiently and to the highest industry standards.

How does my business sign up for the TSL Inspection programme?

If you would like to enquire regarding an inspection within your business or transfer from an existing Inspection programme, please get in touch and we will be happy to walk you through the process of becoming 100% compliant.